The Weeks -Buttons


TGIF! Starting off with some great guitar music this afternoon! I’ve noticed that since I’m situated here on the West Coast, there tends to be a lot of great Southern or Midwest rock music I never hear about, even if the bands are fairly well known where they’re from. One such band I just encountered today is The Weeks, a Jackson, Mississippi alt rock outfit that’s been around for many years. They recently dropped a new EP, Buttons, and the title track is a stomping, superb tune. It was originally on their 2008 album Comeback Cadillac, but they’ve updated the song for the new EP. If you’re a fan of Kings of Leon’s Southern rock, this will likely be up your alley. In fact, the band recently signed with Kings of Leon’s label, Serpents and Snakes! The Weeks also released a new studio footage video for the song this week.